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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Recognizing Our Purposes

Hello Again My Sister,

It's a pleasure growing and developing with you!  On my last post I discussed some differences between operating through our pleasures in life verses being influenced and led by our purposes.  Even though, the topic of discovering life's purpose is being preached and taught more and more freely, the number of people discovering their purposes are still dwindling.  In understanding what purpose is, we learn that it's simply "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists."  However, how do we find our purpose?

As a believer in God and His existence, I also trust that He is the overseer of this universe and beyond.  In addition, I believe in His word!  According to Genesis 1:27, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."  Through this test many of us have heard sermons and teachings that informs us that our images mimic God's by way of the Trinity.  We've been taught that God has three beings, God, the Father, God, the Son (Jesus), and God, the Holy Spirit.  As a result, human beings consist of having a body, mind, and soul.  Moreover, I would ask you to consider, if that being so, would not our purposes be made in His image as well?  When we study the life of Jesus, we find out that His entire purpose dealt with the need and the necessity of others.  No matter what we do for a living our livelihoods depend on others!  As a singer someone have to purchase your music, or as an educator, someone must be in the need of your knowledge. Therefore discovering our purposes in life is simple, what gifts have God given to you that would serve humanity in an arena that God can be glorified?  What are you simply great at doing with little effort, how have you been called to serve humanity?   Don't be shy to share!

Mandy the Motivator

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Pleasure or Purpose

Hi Sister!

It's always great having this time with you!  Recently, during my time of meditation I found myself pondering times in my life when I was living for simple pleasures versus the times in which I was purpose driven.  For those of us who are well into our lives and depending on life's circumstances, we can recall several hard and trying experiences that we felt as though we barely survived.  Nevertheless, often times when we find ourselves in the midst of a life crisis we focus on the pain, while missing all of the learning opportunities.  It is during these times, we have the chance to gain wisdom, make positive changes, learn lessons, and most importantly discover our life's purpose!

Given the fact that we are individuals, it's within reason to say our pleasures in life varies.  As a result, some seek to ease their pain with drugs and alcohol, while others choose a promiscuous sexual life.  Still others allow their pain to disfigure them spiritually and/or mentally. They slowly become products of their pain and it begin to reshape and mold their character and damage their moral make-up.  Nevertheless, neither of these choices lead us to suitable outcomes.

However, when we decide not to focus on the pain, we are left with propositions that can lead us to our next purpose.  When we become survivors of situations and conditions, we become professionals, so to speak!  We know what will work and what will not work to get someone else through that particular issue.  In addition, as we are forced to make changes our gifts began to evolve and develop.  It is at this point we discover talents that we never knew existed with us.  This evolution reminds me of Whitney Houston's come back album entitled, "I Look to You" and her single, I Didn't Know My Own Strength!  As I leave you today, I'm encouraging you to choose the path that leads to you purpose!

Mandy the Motivator  

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Smart Girl

Dear Sister,

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on a class of second graders who were expressing themselves in art.  As I moved around the room, I noticed one student with a captivating photo of herself.  First, I was taken aback that she showed such poise and self-confidence in herself!  It was easy to notice, since the picture conveyed her exact skin color with an amazing smile that lit up the room, as it leaped off the paper at you (see picture below)!  Nevertheless, what was more enchanting were the words that accompanied her drawing.  "What smart girls love to do.  Smart girls love to do a lot of stuff, like read books, learn about human bodies, the weather, and mother nature.  The thing they hate is being bullied!"  Immediately, I thought of Psalms 8:2.... "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength...."  The strength and clarity of her words conveyed how we are able to acknowledge our talents and abilities at a young age, we are also capable of being curious about the things around us (our environment) and how we are connected to it, as well as individuals that are apart of our immediate community. Weather we are an adolescent or an adult, being bullied in any form aim to stunt our growth!  Understanding that bullying comes in various forms, it can be depicted as being a mean girl (woman), by way of gossip, pushing others into isolation, sabotaging one's relationship/career or causing mental or emotional anguish upon a sister.  Therefore, it is imperative that we seek out all opportunities to motivate, uplift, celebrate, and support the efforts of all SMART GIRLS AND WHAT THEY LIKE TO DO!  KEEP BEING YOU... YOU'RE THE BEST AT IT AND TELL ANOTHER SISTER SHE'S GOOD AT WHAT SHE LOVE TO DO!

Mandy the Motivator

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Hello Sisters:

I hope this post finds you prospering and planning for your life's goals!  Recently, I listened to a message entitled "Vision" by Joel Gregory of Linked-Up Ministries, the sermon not only blessed me, but it inspired me!  Vision is define as the ability to be able to see.  Spiritually, vision adds the ability to see a supernatural goal that has been given to you by God but has not taken place in the natural.  Taking time to dream leads to creativity.  Creativity open doors of new opportunities, and new breaks create purpose!  Moreover, purpose provides living out your vision, vision experiences!  GO AHEAD ENVISION.....You have everything in you to be GREAT! 

Mandy the Motivator

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

God's Love vs. His Favor

Hello Sister,

As always, I'm writing to encourage and uplift your spirit as you navigate through life.  During my time of meditation my prayers rested on God's love versus His favor.  Many of us wonder if God's love can changed based on our choices and deeds in life.  Well my sister, please rest assure there is absolutely nothing we can do that will make God stop loving us!  We're made in His image and we are His creation.  As we all know God's love should never be taken for granted, but with all our efforts, we should seek to express our love for Him.  Moreover, God's favor works a little different!  Have you ever witness or observe a person that seems to have everything going on right in their life?  Many of us have.  Often times that person is experiencing God's favor, unlike love favor is earned!  It is through our obedience and sacrifice to the things of God that gets His attention, in which He chooses to show partiality towards us.  As a result, I'm praying that all our efforts are directed towards fulfilling God's purpose in our lives and He finds Himself pleased enough to SHOW US FAVOR!

Your Beloved,

Mandee Stone

Dear Sister II

Dear Sister,

You developed your plot, you picked your team, and put your scheme into action.  I imagined your ultimate goal was to destroy my career, my life-style, and my drive, but why?  As I lived through the challenges you wished and inflicted upon me, the answers became more clear.  HURT PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE! You hated my fashion sense, my confidence, my ability to love and draw people into my cocoon of love!  You allowed envy and jealously to over flood your heart without giving thought to the outcome of your life. To be continued..... 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

Having you in my life started out as any other relationship, I was fully opened to getting to know you.  I look forward to times of laughter, fun, growth, and mutual support.  However, as time progressed something happened, although I wasn't quite sure of what!  I was even oblivious to the change.  Your behavior never displayed a difference. Why didn't you just communicate, therefore you choose to secretly hid your feelings until it manifested into HATE!  As a result, your hate turned into an elaborate plot to totally destroy me!  ..... to be continue.

Recognizing Our Purposes

Hello Again My Sister, It's a pleasure growing and developing with you!  On my last post I discussed some differences between operati...