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Friday, September 1, 2017

It's Time to Write Again

One of the most natural purposes of  human life is having the ability to contemplate subjects and topics during our time in this universe.  Like myself perhaps, you have found yourself thinking "life is worth living, therefore it's worth writing!"

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Real Friendships are Balancing and Relaxing

Given the fact that birthdays are very special to me, this past weekend was very exciting! It was time to celebrate one of my dear friends (Patrice Harrell) birthday.  During this time of her life's celebration, I witnessed friendships that are balancing and relaxing to say the least. I know you are wondering what I mean about balancing and relaxing.  Let me elaborate if you will. Experiencing balance within friendships consist of opportunities of being transparent,  unmasking, competition free, and growth developing moments.  As it relates to the term relaxing, simply put, opportunities to be less tense or anxious.

Therefore, as expected her birthday began with an evening of family, friends, food and music at her newly purchased home. Toasting, cheers, and bliss filled the atmosphere. The ambience was full of unconditional love and a strong presence of God's un-measuring favor in several areas including marriage and friendship.  As a result, the festivities called for a second day of observance, which impacted me to the point of writing this post. Although, the crowd was much smaller, the purpose was extremely life changing.  The term of "life changing" can sometimes be used lightly, however not in this situation!  Many of us see this phrase as impact filled, which leads to a time of self-evaluation.

Being apart of a small assimilation of women who have allowed their life experiences to revamp them into confident and purposes filled ladies who are focused on their own life's journey was indeed relaxing!  Many times we permit ourselves to be drawn into gatherings and friendships that brings us grief, low self-esteem, competition and a compromised being. These relationships usher us into arenas of life that God never intended for us to travel. Allow me to give you an example, the Old Testament reveals the experience that the children of Israel faced when they lost focus on God's promise. A journey that should have taken two weeks turned into a forty year excursion.  Nevertheless, we should frequently reevaluate our life's purpose and goals in order to make necessary changes that will lead us to the abundance life (Jer. 29:11) God intended for us to have! It is a waste of precious time to walk through life without being spiritually influenced and vice versa.

Moreover, I would like to thank Patrice Harrell, Kellye Bowens, Tameka Bouyer, and Vanessa Desir for being open, raw, and expressive this weekend. Patrice and Tameka you are anointed beyond what has been revealed. Kellye you embody loyalty and commitment regardless of how your life started and you will live to see the fullest of this spoken word. Vanessa you host the spirit of freedom, your strong desires will drive you into many choices, be watchful, equipped, and realistic. I'm dedicating this post to these special ladies and to all of those who are search of valuable friendships, don't settle!

Love Always,


Monday, May 27, 2013

I Think I Have A Good One

It's been quite a while since my last post; needless to say I have missed you all.  However, there have been various things that have changed in my life's arena some great and some have been challenging.  Nevertheless, I hope and pray that all is well in your life and here's to the start of a series of many great posts from Sister's Expressions.

As you may or may not remember my last post was about "How to Meet the Man of Dreams", in which I discussed a conversation with two ladies who both met their dream guys by way of personal friends.  This method of meeting a great guy intrigued me to the point I was willing to give it a try once my previous relationship became bleak and sizzled out.  I began by sharing with those I most trusted that I was once again single and was simply looking for someone to go out to dinner with on occasion without any commitments.  An old friend once advised me that it's best to spend time with one's self right after a break-up in order to get to know you again and I was determined to take that advice and build upon it.  In addition to the break-up with a companion of two years, I found myself in a pivotal moment in life as it related to my career and some personal friendships.  Therefore, I was in no position to take on a serious relationship of any sort.

Shortly after obtaining a new employment opportunity and regaining my composure from broken friendships I regained my strength and began to feel alive again.  The air felt more crisp and fresh from day to day.  My love and enjoyment of life began to bloom once again.  My smile was not only shown on my face but it was radiant from within.  Soon I was meeting new and interesting people and having great relationships with those who remained.  During an outing with a group of friends one of them happen to mentioned that she knew a guy she would love for me to meet just to see if our personalities would match.  Reluctantly, I agreed and within three weeks I found myself at a dinner table in Buckhead enjoying myself.  Needless, to say he and I have been spending a great deal of quality time together.  Now I'm not saying that it's headed towards marriage, but I Do Think I Have a Good One!  As the ladies stated in my last post and I now agree "a friend who REALLY has your best interest in mind and know you well is a great way to meet a good guy".  I am once again asking you to try it but at your own risk and don't forget to let us know about your experiences......Smooches!!!

Mandy Stone
Sister's Expressions


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Way to Meet the Man of Your Dreams

During a recent conversation with a couple of associates concerning relationships, I discovered an interesting point to meeting the man of your dreams.  One of the ladies involved in the dialogue is in her late 20’s (Jeanne) and the other young lady is in her early 50’s (Cynthia).  Jeanne is recently engaged to someone she describes as a wonderful and loving man who she thought she would never meet while, Cynthia is newly married to the man of her dreams.  Given the fact that I was the only one single in the bunch I was provoked to ask the question, how did you both meet these great guys?  Ironically, they both met the loves of their lives through good friends! 

Cynthia shared that given the fact that your close friends really know you as a person and perhaps you have shared with them the downs of previous relationships that went sour that they know you best and are better equip to recognize the perfect guy for you.  Therefore, it is within reason to believe that it is safe to let our close friends know when we are looking for a new love that can turn into a lifetime commitment.  Nevertheless, my opinion leads me to add this one small piece.  We should make sure that the friends we involve in our quest be those who truly and sincerely have our best interest at heart in order for this process to work!  Go ahead spread the news and don’t forget to let Sister’s Expressions know if this method works for you!



Thursday, October 18, 2012

Character vs. Reputation

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.  Your character is what you REALLY are, while your reputation is MERELY what others think you are!"     -John Wooden