God is Faithful.....Kevin Dunn with Dunn4U Ministries

God is truly faithful....

Approximately eighteen years ago I met a remarkable family that included a soft spoken and gentle
Kevin R. Dunn
Gospel Artist
young man.  Being the proud father of three and a loving husband were two of his titles in life.  He was also called son, brother, and nephew to the previous generations of Dunn's of Valley, Alabama.  His personality reflected a great up-bring and class. Shortly after meeting him I became smitten and elated to call him friend, as well as my brother in Christ. This man is known as Mr. Kevin Dunn of Dunn4U Ministries.

Kevin, as I so friendly refer to him quickly became a blessing to the ministry in which we were associated with.  The church was small and was in need of growth and development and Kevin became an important part of its expansion.  Kevin assisted by rendering his God given gift of psalms by leading the church's music ministry.  Needless, to say God was faithful with the work of the church and the ministry grew.  In addition, I believe because of Kevin's obedience and willingness to help grow God's kingdom, God spoke a word and gave clear direction for Kevin's future.

If memory serves me correctly, through the voice of God's leaders Kevin was encouraged to minister and sing more frequently and that he would one day create music for others to enjoy via CD's.  Therefore, I am indeed grateful that God allowed me to witness His faithfulness yet once again, towards a remarkable young man, Mr. Kevin Dunn of Dunn4U Ministries.

On March 11, 2018, Kevin release his third CD, entitled "Look at Jesus Lord of the Heavens".  Prior to this album God spoke through Mr. Dunn by way of two other CD's named "Introducing Kevin R. Dunn" and " Kevin R. Dunn Acapella Heaven".  God is truly faithful!

Once we accepted God's faithfulness, we must seek to accept what God has spoken over our individual lives as it relates to our gifts.  The second part of Proverbs 18:16 states, "a man's gift...brings him before great men"(NKJV).  "It is your gift that is the key to your success" is also conveyed to us.  We must strive to believe that our talent is embedded within us and it is fully loaded!  Therefore, I'm encouraging each of you to place on your daily agendas a goal to discover, maximize, and utilized your God given abilities!


Paparazzi Kids

Hello Sister!

I am so excited about a stop I made this weekend!  Staying in line with the well-being of sisters of all ages, Sister Expressions found a gem of a place for young ladies from ages two to eighteen.  As we've once stated, cultivating a healthy woman begins very early in life and it details caring for the totality of the person.  Not taking away from the importance of being a deeply and soulful person on the inside, this location meets the needs of beautifying girls from the outside, it called Paparazzi Kids!

According to our findings the word paparazzi was inspired by "a news photographer named Paparazzo (played by Walter Santesso in the 1960 film La Dolce Vita) is the eponym of the paparazzi."  Therefore, as it is known today paparazzi can be viewed in many different aspects, depending on who you are talking with.  Paparazzi being independent photographers who are constantly on search for the opportunity to photograph high profile people in order to sell their work to high stream media organizations.  Nevertheless, if you happen to find yourself as one of their targets, it's beneficial to be looking your absolute best!  Giving the fact that high profile people are represented in all ages there is no question that having your young sister glamorized by the professional staff at Paparazzi Kids is the move to make!

This five star full service fashionable salon is located south of downtown Atlanta in College Park, Georgia. Paparazzi Kids in now in its third consecutive year of operation and growing yearly.  Founders Sunshine and Sasha are the geniuses behind this upscale beauty salon for girls!  From the services rendered, to the decor your girly-girl will find herself surrounded with sophistication and class as she is being pampered and gleamed for her encounter with the Paparazzi!

Mandy the Motivator

Paparazzi Kids                                                                Hours: Sunday - Closed
5611 W Fayetteville Road Suite 107                                 Monday -
Saturday 8AM to 6PM
College Park, GA 30349                                                           
(770) 703-8855

Glam Squad 

Glam Squad

Lights, Camera & Action

Beautiful Decor

Accessories Available

India and "Special K" Mason with Mandy

Feeling My Beauty Before Seeing My Beauty

Hello Sister!

Like many others, as a product of  the 60's I was automatically born into a world of challenges.  One of the main obstacles I was forced to deal was racism.  When we think of racism our first thought involves ethnic groups against other ethnic groups.  However, when entertaining the meaning of racism sociology, we discover that social racism is a term that "refers to racist attitudes within a society, and according to Carl E. James, "society is structured in a way that excludes substantial numbers of people from minority backgrounds from taking part in social institutions. As a result, without being directly taught we develop habits of forming judgments and thoughts of people based on physical attributes and social status.  Since the beginning of the realization of society those who are of a certain echelon is viewed as good and acceptable!  However, we are rapidly discovering that using that strategy or tactic is leaving us expose to higher levels of abuse.  As the "ME TOO" movement grows, we discover that our social ranks does not exclude our need to look for beauty from within!  Feeling my beauty before seeing my beauty is of the up most importance!  When in each other's presence it's the words we use to impact one another that should express what's in my heart.  It is how we assist those in needs and those less fortunate as ourselves that should exhibit who we really are!  Therefore, until next time I encourage you to allow others to feel your beauty!

Mandy the Motivator

Fashion "Savvi" Magazine Style

Personality is known as “the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character,” included in that amalgamation is one’s approach to fashion also known as personal swag.  This weekend Sister Expression was in the mix of fashion through the eyes of Savvi Magazine.  Savvi held a release party at The Ellis Hotel located in the heart of downtown Atlanta.  The party highlighted their February Issue Featuring Cover Model D Alonzo Clay, hosted by James “Jae Tea” Thompson, also known as the The Klasssic Man. 

Savvi Magazine displays the latest in fashion for everyone, models of all size both males and females can be found pounding the runway with designs by labels such as Pretty Plus Girls Inc., Carlos Wayne, ill Crew Clothing, and Wildlyfe just to name a few!   No matter what your style Savvi Magazine seems as though they can provide you with visuals you need to get your SWAG ON! www.savvimagazine.com 

What Gets You Through the Door?

Hello Sister!

As I meditated on life today I landed on the thought that from the very second we arrive into the world we are met with goals and expectations.  The doctor and our parents meet us with our first one and that is to cry and begin breathing.  From there the goals get more intense; therefore naturally we begin to form strategies and knowledge regarding how to maneuver through life and some of approaches take different paths.  Therefore, it’s important that as we grow we begin to ask the question, what will get me through the door?

For some climbing the corporate ladder is a primary goal, for others it may be growing a business, and for others completing a degree, but what will get you through the door?  I’m reminded of a popular saying, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” and I totally understand the meaning and because God does use people to assist with His blessings there are times when are grateful to others, however ultimately favor and sanctions come from God!  Moreover, it is our job to understand what God is looking for out of His people in order to move on our behalf.  It is clearly stated that God finds pleasure in when we have spectacular goals, purposes, and ideas in life.  He clearly stated in Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)   For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Therefore, no matter what our desires are, it is our drive and character that will promote us to the steps that we take in order to achieve the task at hand.  Let’s seek God’s ways to get us through the doors that leads to conquered goals, dreams, and ambitions.  Be blessed!


Mandy the Motivatorđź’—

When a Motivator has to Self-Motivate

Heey Sister,

When you think of the life of a Motivator you probably imagine an upbeat person who is a ray of sunshine!  On the other hand you might think that their lives are just smooth sailing. Perhaps you envision them knowing the right strategies to their life challenges, and if so I would agree that most of the times they are able to stay focused through hard times!  However, we all know that trials and tribulations come knocking on every humans door, therefore as a motivator it's impossible to be in mint condition all the time!  So what happens when the Motivator is facing a challenge of some sort?  Does your expectations lead you to believe they remain  positive through it all?  Do you imagine them perhaps having a circle of supporters that guide them through?  Nevertheless, here's a glimpse into a day of challenge with Mandy the Motivator.

Recently, I hit a very tragic storm in my life, although this was not the first one, each one to this magnitude feel as though it's the most severe.  Everything that I worked so hard for in recent years was being questioned and finding the right solutions seemed so far out of my reach.  This situation brought on many emotions and mental challenges that weighed me down day and night.  There were many sleepless nights with thoughts of why is this happening to me?   In addition, when was it going to end?

Nevertheless, I learned several valuable lessons!  One in particular being, the process of going and growing through trails and tribulations cannot be rushed.  As a result, I realized strategies that work best for me.  I took on the stance of David and began to remind myself of what God had already done and if He rescued me before He would surely do it again!  I also allowed those closest to me to have my back.  Whether it was emotional, monetary, or a shoulder to cry on, I knew it was my job to ask for what I needed without shame!  Although, there were many other avenues that I had to take to bring me back to a place of healing, the most important was envisioning myself on the other side of through!  As you face battles and circumstances remember the words of our elders, "trouble don't last always!"  Amen!

Mandy the Motivator

Recognizing Our Purposes

Hello Again My Sister,

It's a pleasure growing and developing with you!  On my last post I discussed some differences between operating through our pleasures in life verses being influenced and led by our purposes.  Even though, the topic of discovering life's purpose is being preached and taught more and more freely, the number of people discovering their purposes are still dwindling.  In understanding what purpose is, we learn that it's simply "the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists."  However, how do we find our purpose?

As a believer in God and His existence, I also trust that He is the overseer of this universe and beyond.  In addition, I believe in His word!  According to Genesis 1:27, "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them."  Through this test many of us have heard sermons and teachings that informs us that our images mimic God's by way of the Trinity.  We've been taught that God has three beings, God, the Father, God, the Son (Jesus), and God, the Holy Spirit.  As a result, human beings consist of having a body, mind, and soul.  Moreover, I would ask you to consider, if that being so, would not our purposes be made in His image as well?  When we study the life of Jesus, we find out that His entire purpose dealt with the need and the necessity of others.  No matter what we do for a living our livelihoods depend on others!  As a singer someone have to purchase your music, or as an educator, someone must be in the need of your knowledge. Therefore discovering our purposes in life is simple, what gifts have God given to you that would serve humanity in an arena that God can be glorified?  What are you simply great at doing with little effort, how have you been called to serve humanity?   Don't be shy to share!

Mandy the Motivator

God is Faithful.....Kevin Dunn with Dunn4U Ministries

God is truly faithful.... Approximately eighteen years ago I met a remarkable family that included a soft spoken and gentle Kevin R. D...