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God's Love vs. His Favor

Hello Sister,

As always, I'm writing to encourage and uplift your spirit as you navigate through life.  During my time of meditation my prayers rested on God's love versus His favor.  Many of us wonder if God's love can changed based on our choices and deeds in life.  Well my sister, please rest assure there is absolutely nothing we can do that will make God stop loving us!  We're made in His image and we are His creation.  As we all know God's love should never be taken for granted, but with all our efforts, we should seek to express our love for Him.  Moreover, God's favor works a little different!  Have you ever witness or observe a person that seems to have everything going on right in their life?  Many of us have.  Often times that person is experiencing God's favor, unlike love favor is earned!  It is through our obedience and sacrifice to the things of God that gets His attention, in which He chooses to show partiality towards us.  As a result, I…
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Dear Sister II

Dear Sister,

You developed your plot, you picked your team, and put your scheme into action.  I imagined your ultimate goal was to destroy my career, my life-style, and my drive, but why?  As I lived through the challenges you wished and inflicted upon me, the answers became more clear.  HURT PEOPLE, HURT PEOPLE! You hated my fashion sense, my confidence, my ability to love and draw people into my cocoon of love!  You allowed envy and jealously to over flood your heart without giving thought to the outcome of your life. To be continued.....

Dear Sister

Dear Sister,

Having you in my life started out as any other relationship, I was fully opened to getting to know you.  I look forward to times of laughter, fun, growth, and mutual support.  However, as time progressed something happened, although I wasn't quite sure of what!  I was even oblivious to the change.  Your behavior never displayed a difference. Why didn't you just communicate, therefore you choose to secretly hid your feelings until it manifested into HATE!  As a result, your hate turned into an elaborate plot to totally destroy me!  ..... to be continue.

It's Time to Write Again

One of the most natural purposes of  human life is having the ability to contemplate subjects and topics during our time in this universe.  Like myself perhaps, you have found yourself thinking "life is worth living, therefore it's worth writing!"

Real Friendships are Balancing and Relaxing

Given the fact that birthdays are very special to me, this past weekend was very exciting! It was time to celebrate one of my dear friends (Patrice Harrell) birthday.  During this time of her life's celebration, I witnessed friendships that are balancing and relaxing to say the least. I know you are wondering what I mean about balancing and relaxing.  Let me elaborate if you will. Experiencing balance within friendships consist of opportunities of being transparent,  unmasking, competition free, and growth developing moments.  As it relates to the term relaxing, simply put, opportunities to be less tense or anxious.

Therefore, as expected her birthday began with an evening of family, friends, food and music at her newly purchased home. Toasting, cheers, and bliss filled the atmosphere. The ambience was full of unconditional love and a strong presence of God's un-measuring favor in several areas including marriage and friendship.  As a result, the festivities called for a seco…

I Think I Have A Good One

It's been quite a while since my last post; needless to say I have missed you all.  However, there have been various things that have changed in my life's arena some great and some have been challenging.  Nevertheless, I hope and pray that all is well in your life and here's to the start of a series of many great posts from Sister's Expressions.

As you may or may not remember my last post was about "How to Meet the Man of Dreams", in which I discussed a conversation with two ladies who both met their dream guys by way of personal friends.  This method of meeting a great guy intrigued me to the point I was willing to give it a try once my previous relationship became bleak and sizzled out.  I began by sharing with those I most trusted that I was once again single and was simply looking for someone to go out to dinner with on occasion without any commitments.  An old friend once advised me that it's best to spend time with one's self right after a brea…

One Way to Meet the Man of Your Dreams

During a recent conversation with a couple of associates concerning relationships, I discovered an interesting point to meeting the man of your dreams.One of the ladies involved in the dialogue is in her late 20’s (Jeanne) and the other young lady is in her early 50’s (Cynthia).Jeanne is recently engaged to someone she describes as a wonderful and loving man who she thought she would never meet while, Cynthia is newly married to the man of her dreams.Given the fact that I was the only one single in the bunch I was provoked to ask the question, how did you both meet these great guys?Ironically, they both met the loves of their lives through good friends!
Cynthia shared that given the fact that your close friends really know you as a person and perhaps you have shared with them the downs of previous relationships that went sour that they know you best and are better equip to recognize the perfect guy for you.Therefore, it is within reason to believe that it is safe to let our close frien…