The Girlfriend Who's Always the Victim

As we all can agree having friends is one of the most rewarding part of life!  Maintaining good purpose for a friendship, understanding the character and moral system of a friend along with superb communication skills are all attributes that will help sustain amity.  Nevertheless, there are times when we intermingle with sisters with interesting personality traits.  For the instance, the know it all sister or "the girlfriend who is always the victim." 

So you have this friend who is out going full of energy and you actually enjoy spending time with her.  However, she never takes responsibility for her s_it!  Whether she gossips about you to your friends, mishandle a situation by choosing to share your personal business, set you up on a date from hell or leave you stranded somewhere. She is never able to simply say, "I messed up!"  Instead, she turns the story around and somehow becomes the victim.  Her reason for gossiping about is "I didn't mean any harm, we were just talking and it came up". Regarding sharing your personal information, " I was so upset for you I didn't know what to do or I wasn't thinking".  And that date from hell she proclaims, "he seemed nice and he has a job" but all along she need he was a womanizer. And for leaving you stranded, "I saw you dancing with that guy, I assumed you knew him and had a ride".  Nevertheless, your story may vary concerning your girlfriend who is always the victim but you have her in mind right now!

So how do with deal with such a friendship?  I welcome you viewpoints!

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