The Know It All Girlfriend!

So you have this great friend who you really enjoy spending time with.  She is your best girlfriend to do most  extracurricular activities with.  She's great at dancing, very well in social atmospheres, and has the most flexible schedule than one could ever hope for!  But there's just one characteristic trait that she has that absolutely drives you up a freaking wall.  She is a know it all friend!  I mean she's an expert regarding sports, clothes, medicine, I mean you name it she has experienced it. get the picture, the topic of discussion doesn't make a difference.  She's simply been there and has done that

Well here is my advise!  I am sure we all will agree that listening is an extremely important aspect to having great communication skills.   And since this friend has proven to be knowledgeable in so many different arenas, it is evident that she has not mastered the ability of LISTENING.  Therefore, when you are having one of those days where her behavior is over bearing try developing a soft but intense stare and look her directly in her eyes and do not give her a verbal response in the least.  Hopefully, this would bring about a sense of awareness regarding how uncomfortable you are!    Perhaps, if we are consistent with this practice one day she will ask for an in depth explanation.  Nevertheless, this is only my opinion and I look forward to  reading your thoughts and strategies on how to handle "The Know It All Friend!"

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