A Circle of Lessons

Within the last couple of years, I have joined a circle of friends that are interesting to say the least.  This wonderful group of friends includes men and women and for many of them they have known each other for twenty plus years.  It falls within reason to say that they have all experienced trials and tribulations in their personal lives as well as issues amongst each other.  Given the fact that there are more men within this circle often times these disagreements are overlooked and the friendships move on and continue to strive.  Nevertheless, I feel as though some of the sisters are less capable of doing the same thing.  I have discerned some feelings of low self-esteem, or a feeling of being inadequate. Often times those of us who are wrestling with such issues, make it uncomfortable and irritating for the others who are around them, which is totally uncalled for, taking the time to work on ourselves as individuals would lead to much greater sister-sister relationships.  After knowing these ladies for two years now, I’ll be the first one to admit we are all beautiful and special in our own way. 
Finding my place and staying true to me within this body of friends has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to tackle.  Because I am strong in my personal believes just going along with the flow would not work for me and being me seemed not to work for some of them.  But I realized that they had something to offer me in the area of personal growth, therefore I have committed myself to learning the life’s lesson that would lead to a better Mandy.  One area in particular in which I have grown is how to share my best and personal friends with others.  Given the fact that I am an only child from a single female home and was abandoned by my father, I developed serious trust issues.  Having a close group of friends in high school was easy, but finding a best friend was not always easy after that.  In my opinion women seemed to dislike my strong will to always look great and/or my desire to be the best at my endeavors. As long as I agreed with them or said things to boost their egos, female friends were around.  Nevertheless, while matriculating through college my best friend came along and after introducing her to my new circle of friends, as a result I ended up with two very special friends.  I have also learned the real meaning of forgiveness.  I have witnessed and experienced some very disrespectful things done with our circle, but the majority of us keep on loving each other.  Lastly but not least, I have learned that when others refuse to grow as individuals it is OKAY to cut your ties and move on.  You see a good life for a woman is a well rounded life that has balance; she knows when to stay and when it is time to leave.  She’s a woman who knows herself in-depth, who is not afraid to look in the mirror, one who can face her fears and make adjustments, a lady who is not afraid to walk alone if necessary, one who is willing to walk with others, a woman who celebrate herself as well as others and who is not afraid to go after her dreams, one who is  spiritually rooted and seeks wisdom daily, now that’s a POWERFUL SISTER!  LET’S BE POWERFUL SISTERS TOGETHER AND LIVE LIFE WELL!
In addition, don’t be afraid to learn just where you are, in the past I was accustom to running from situations and relationships that made me uncomfortable, now I look for the lesson in it before moving on if that is what is best! 

Love your sister,

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