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Brutal Truths

During a recent conversation with a friend I realized one of my personality traits; I can sometimes be brutally honest!  During our dialogue, she shared with me that her reason for reaching out to me was because she knew I could be counted on to tell it like it is!   And although, I appreciated the call from my friend, what I could appreciate even more is her ability to receive what I had to say.  There’s nothing more irritating in the area of SISTERHOOD than having a sister ask for the truth and she not be able to cope with your response.  And because of that many friendships between women have been lost.

So let’s talk ladies…. Recently, I have allowed a new friend in my circle and the tables have turned.  I now find myself on the receiving end of her brutal truths.  Now in all honesty, I’ll be the first to admit, it is a little easier when you are in the position of giving advice.  Nevertheless, being the receiver forced me to deal with some emotions that encouraged me to allow these experiences with my new sister to be character building.  You see character building in my opinion help develop one’s inner person, which sets one aside from the norm in the area of relationships & personality. 

So here I am fully engulfed in a conversation with this new sister and she is giving me some hard facts to face in regards to another relationship in my life.  So here is where the BIG DECISION ARISES…do I get offended (when this happens it‘s usually because we’re not ready to face reality and it’s easier to direct the anger towards someone else) or face reality (which requires being totally honest with one’s self).  When the road of offence is chosen sometimes the receiver starts judging the life of advisor.  Others accuse the advisor of not being sensitive, etc., and some even go the extreme of ending a perfectly good friendship. 

Therefore, I would like to encourage all of us to be totally ready to receive advice from your sister when you ask for help.  Again, the number one way that I recommend for being ready is by being HONEST with YOU before asking.  If you know that you are married or with a buster…be willing to hear that!  If you know that you are exactly what your sister is describing concerning your personality or whatever the topic of discussion is, be ready to hear that!  I’ve heard many men say, “my boys are friends for life & girls can come and go”.  I only wish that sisters had that same kind of commitment and cohesiveness.  So many times sister lose each other over men and situations that are simply NOT WORTH IT!  Moreover, if you have a sister out there that you have not spoken with in a while because of some simple or minimal issue please consider mending things! 

Love Ya,



  1. Yeeessss!!!Mandy, i can relate alot to this topic. I often have friends that seek my advice on certain situations. I find it very easy to offer the advice and i believe they know it is coming from my heart. But in return if I have to receive the advice, sometimes that is the harder pill to swallow. I start to question their intentions and wonder if they don't want to see me happy?

    1. Sara as always thanks for supporting my blog...and I can TOTALLY understand you viewpoint...I often feel the same way...Now I try to deal first with the idea of who the person is giving the advice...of course if it's someone that I'm not close too I don't buy into it too much. But, if its one of my BFF's I evaluate me then listen with an open mind...remember TRUE friends want to see you happy...and I do too!


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