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Michelle Obama vs. The Reality TV Woman

Growing up in the 70's in Atlanta, GA as a black female for me was interesting and fulfilling to say the least.  During this era black women faced challenges and responded with victory through dedication and perseverance.  The stigma that followed them was that of class, intertwined with strength and high moral standings.  Sisters made their mark in the world by means of education with high regards to upholding their own identities.  Moving on with the same spirit of the civil rights movement, black women embraced themselves in the area of hair, fashion and freedom of speech.  They fought their way in America's business arenas and worked along their white counterparts producing double the amount of work with less pay.  Nevertheless, in the eyesight of a young black girl saw something that I valued and cherished.  Those concealed messages cultivated and shaped my womanhood.  In addition, my goals were influenced and my path of life was created!

As I watched Michelle Obama like many other Americans on last evening, I recognized those BLACK women from the 70's again.  Through her poise and commitment to excellence, she delivered a message for the people that could not be erased.  There she stood with all the qualities that use to impress young black girls from my era.  EDUCATION (check), INTELLIGENCE (check), DRESSED TO IMPRESS (check) and SUCCESSFULLY AND PROFESSIONALLY COMPETING WITH HER WHITE COUNTERPARTS (check).  Not once did she mentioned the name of that other guys, she just stayed on course and delivered an impressive speech of persuasion.

Nevertheless, I was left to ponder the question:  why isn't that type of black women the majority?  Although, I still reside in Atlanta, GA, that kind of black women is not easily spotted.  Instead, we are bombarded with the REALITY TV black women.  I DEMAND MORE! We are more having the desire to share men (I've been guilty of that myself), more than our breast & big butts, and more than HATERS of each other!!!  We are more than a KEEPER OF MEN (men use to take care of women, now we are taking care of them).  And what type of silent messages are we embedding into the next generation of black women?  Therefore, I am challenging myself to rethink my stance as a BLACK WOMEN and make SOME CHANGES....WILL YOU JOIN ME?  Please feel free to leave your comments!



  1. Thanks for inviting me, what a great platform you've created and I pray Gods' blessings for this endeavor. I'll be inviting some people as well, there are so many that can use this type of encouragement verses REALITY TV that really isn't reality.


    1. La Trice:
      Thanks for your words of encouragement...yes, God gave me this idea and I want to do His will with it. Please invite others as God seeks to heal women through women.

  2. Well, I really like this. You spoke a good word for many black women to follow suit to. I will join you and help our black women make changes. Thank you for obeying God and moving forward! Love and blessings!!

    1. Hi Cat:
      Thank you for such kind words and for lending your support by joining. May God's Love continue to follow through you. Please feel free to recommend this site to other women and to forward any topics that concerns your heart.

      Much Love,

  3. Great inspiration and insight Mandy!! I will join any platform that is positive, as well as encouraging sisters to be accountable to and supportive of one another, rather than competing with one another. I am also supportive of women encouraging one another to elevate their self-esteem so that we don't demoralize our bodies and mind just for attention, a man, or to climb the ladder of success. Great job!!

    1. Hello Sylvia:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment. I do realize that time is very valuable. Connecting with positive young women such as yourself in order to promote sisterhood is what I am seeking to do...please join us!



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