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How to Find You

Okay let’s be honest….no one will ever know, have you ever wished you had features and/or qualities like someone else.I have, several times.My first experience with this desire was around six or seven years old.At such an early age, I found myself wanting to be more like my mother.I am from a single family home in which my mother was the sole bread winner and I knew early on that my quality of life depended on her.As a result, I always paid close attention to my mother’s work ethics, personal drives and ambitions.Witnessing my mother handle her responsibilities so well in the 70’s made her my hero; therefore I wanted so much to echo her in various areas.I wanted to look like her; she is what we define as light-skinned, and physically framed very well.She was able to speak her mind freely with eloquence and never allowed people to run over her.She was awesome in my opinion.But I soon realized that I didn’t look like her.I am dark-skinned, full-figured, and beautiful I might add.Therefo…

Now Let's Talk Steel Magnolias

As I expected “Steel Magnolias” was wonderfully written and well preformed.The cast worked great together and their acting capabilities complimented each other without prejudice.The revised script gave a warm feeling to what a southern African –American family would exemplify with regards to love, family bond, and friendship.Although, there were many messages for us to gain from, the one in particular that I wanted to make mention of is acceptance!
Understanding that we all are imperfect beings should lead us to the awareness that we all make mistakes in various areas of life, relationship and sisterhood.It was quite evident that all of the ladies suffered some type of life disappointment and each one dealt with it in their own way.Nevertheless, each of them knew the other’s struggle and accepted their friend just as she was while allowing room for growth.I would love to hear what message you gathered from the film….don’t be shy…communicating is good for the SOUL!
P.S. If you had to cho…

Steel Magnolias

I often ask myself is there a need for Sister’s Expressions and I have been reminded that YES is the answer!Here recently the entertainment media has been bombarded with the latest story concerning Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey.Again, the image of black women is being portrayed in a negative manner.I am outraged with all of the naming calling, fighting, and just plain ignorance that those who are representing black America via multi-media within the entertainment industry.As I am reminded of how hard previous generations worked to improve black image in America, I am almost brought to tears to see this current generation destroying it with little hope of recovery.However, the saddest point to all of this is our desire to watch ourselves being misrepresented.We rush home weekly to tuned into all the House Wives shows, R & B Divas, Basketball Wives, etc., without considering the message that we are sending to the world.Nevertheless, there are many positive black women out there, Chie…

Women Who Cheat

As a result of divorce and infidelity, we have seen the effects that broken marriages have caused our children as well as society as a whole.The increase of divorce is influenced by various reasons, one in particular is infidelity.Due to technology being unfaithful to one’s spouse is made easy and quick.With dating web pages and cell phones at our finger tips, email addresses, etc., we are bombarded with temptation constantly.In addition, the influx of acceptability regarding disloyalty has fueled this situation to a fiery disaster.And within this catastrophe of infidelity are the women who cheat?
Many have voice their opinions about the reasons why men go outside their main relationships.The oldest reason regarding our male counter-parts betrayal is the CAT.But what drives women to join this rat race?Although, there are several reasons, I believe that one meticulous motive is the lack of affection!As women a lot of us grew up with the notion that we should be treated like princesses, …

Breast Cancer Awareness

Today is the first day of BREAST CANCER awareness month.Sister’s Expression would like to remember all those who fought a good fight and those who loved them.I am sure they will forever live on in our memories and dreams.SE is sending special love to Sara Harper-Chatmon and Deirdre Buckles-Alford as they celebrate the lives and legacies of their mothers.We would also like to remember their mothers for raising such incredible women that I am blessed to have met.In addition, please take the time to add any other people you would like remembered during this month! P.S. Remind someone that self-examinations can save their life!