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Women Who Cheat

As a result of divorce and infidelity, we have seen the effects that broken marriages have caused our children as well as society as a whole.  The increase of divorce is influenced by various reasons, one in particular is infidelity.  Due to technology being unfaithful to one’s spouse is made easy and quick.  With dating web pages and cell phones at our finger tips, email addresses, etc., we are bombarded with temptation constantly.  In addition, the influx of acceptability regarding disloyalty has fueled this situation to a fiery disaster.  And within this catastrophe of infidelity are the women who cheat? 

Many have voice their opinions about the reasons why men go outside their main relationships.  The oldest reason regarding our male counter-parts betrayal is the CAT.  But what drives women to join this rat race?  Although, there are several reasons, I believe that one meticulous motive is the lack of affection!   As women a lot of us grew up with the notion that we should be treated like princesses, and although I would love to hold on to this childhood outlook, reality has led me to believe the contrary.  Some of us have been involved with men who are not meeting our needs financially, sociably, or emotionally.  In our efforts to get our needs met we are left to confront our spouses (lovers) who in turn say that we are nagging them.  Nevertheless, out of frustration and disappointment some of us have found comfort in the arms of another.  I do agree that this decision does lead to some type of satisfaction but only temporarily.  Bringing another party into an already sticky circumstance can only lead to more confusion, in addition you could be possibly setting yourself up for more heartache.  Therefore if you are feeling unfulfilled in your current relationship, I suggest that you fight hard for a resolution.  If your significant other is not willing to work with you towards an agreeable declaration than be a SISTER who is able to resolve her own issues, for some that could mean cutting the ties.  But no matter what by all means be respectful to yourself and the person who lives you affect by the decisions you make, here’s to loving relationships! 





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