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Steel Magnolias

I often ask myself is there a need for Sister’s Expressions and I have been reminded that YES is the answer!  Here recently the entertainment media has been bombarded with the latest story concerning Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey.  Again, the image of black women is being portrayed in a negative manner.  I am outraged with all of the naming calling, fighting, and just plain ignorance that those who are representing black America via multi-media within the entertainment industry.  As I am reminded of how hard previous generations worked to improve black image in America, I am almost brought to tears to see this current generation destroying it with little hope of recovery.  However, the saddest point to all of this is our desire to watch ourselves being misrepresented.  We rush home weekly to tuned into all the House Wives shows, R & B Divas, Basketball Wives, etc., without considering the message that we are sending to the world.  Nevertheless, there are many positive black women out there, Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou, Alfre Woodard and many others in our local communities that we can learn, grow and build upon our reflection as a race of women.  Therefore, I encourage all of us to rethink the message that we send daily!  Yes, let’s show the world that we are not all angry, and confrontational.  That we can get along and we do care for one another!

P.S.  Don’t forget to watch Steel Magnolias, this Sunday, Oct.7th, on Lifetime at 9:00 Eastern Time.  Although, it is a remake, I’m sure it will be refreshing to watch Sisters sharing and caring for each other!




  1. it's great that you have this encouraging blog! looking forward to future posts. always love finding other atlanta bloggers! have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Morgan:

    Thanks for your supportive comment. I look forward to sharing views with you and look forward to hearing from me on your blog!


  3. Your reflections are helpful thought triggers...many of us entertain things subconciously not realizing we are contributing to the negative connotations that the media to readily portrays us as. I purposefully do not watch the reality shows (mostly because I have enough drama in my own life) but also because it's such a false window into who we really are as not only black women, but women in general....great EXPRESSION!!!

    1. Hello Peyton:

      Thanks for visiting Sister's Expressions, I am elated to hear your viewpoint regarding this post as well as those in the future. Your name remind me of a friend who was once very dear to me, but we somehow lost the bond that we shared. Nevertheless, you are ALWAYS welcomed in our circle known as SE! Please consider joing us!


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  5. I am so very proud of you. You are such and inspiration and I am wondering what is taking you so long to write a book. You are awesome Mandy and I love you toooooo much.

    One of your biggest fans,
    Your sister,


  6. Hi Tyesha:

    Thank you so much for your support and friendship. For seven years now you have been encouraging me and really appreciate it and thanks for joining Sister's Epression.


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