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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

One Way to Meet the Man of Your Dreams

During a recent conversation with a couple of associates concerning relationships, I discovered an interesting point to meeting the man of your dreams.  One of the ladies involved in the dialogue is in her late 20’s (Jeanne) and the other young lady is in her early 50’s (Cynthia).  Jeanne is recently engaged to someone she describes as a wonderful and loving man who she thought she would never meet while, Cynthia is newly married to the man of her dreams.  Given the fact that I was the only one single in the bunch I was provoked to ask the question, how did you both meet these great guys?  Ironically, they both met the loves of their lives through good friends! 

Cynthia shared that given the fact that your close friends really know you as a person and perhaps you have shared with them the downs of previous relationships that went sour that they know you best and are better equip to recognize the perfect guy for you.  Therefore, it is within reason to believe that it is safe to let our close friends know when we are looking for a new love that can turn into a lifetime commitment.  Nevertheless, my opinion leads me to add this one small piece.  We should make sure that the friends we involve in our quest be those who truly and sincerely have our best interest at heart in order for this process to work!  Go ahead spread the news and don’t forget to let Sister’s Expressions know if this method works for you!




  1. I actually introduced my best friend to her husband he was a friend of a guy that i was dating at the time. They fell in love instantly (1st night) and they were married 6months later! NOw they have been married for almost 10 years..

    1. Hi Anonymous:

      Thanks for your comment. It seems as though you have been a great friend who guided your BFF towards a blissful relationship. It appears that this is a wonderful way to meeting a great man. Please consider joining Sister's Expressions...Happy Holidays!



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