Make Me Over Imaging

 "Image" is the way other people see you..How do you want to be seen?

First impressions matter!  Your appearance, makeup, hair, and clothes are as important as your smile.  When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in business, social and personal relationships.  Whether you are changing jobs, recently divorced, or in need of general self-improvement, you have found the right image consultating firm. Let us help you learn what your body language is saying about you, how updating your image can increase self-confidence, how to indentify your best qualities and create a signature style, understand why feelings affect the way you look, how your attitude can change or upgrade your outfit and how to make yourself feel and look better while dressing!
  • First, we will analyze your personality, lifestyle, and ambitions.
  • Then we will develop an original and/or enhance your style based on what you have to offer.  You'll always know how to put your best foot forward.
  • Finally, you will have achieved your personal transformation with a life-long understanding of how style adds to your personal power.

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